Blu-ray Reviews

This section used be called "Just the Features" because I would focus mainly on the special features of a release instead of the video and audio quality. This focus has not changed. I will still focus on the special features. The name is the only thing that has changed.


3 Ninjas: 4-Movie Collection (1992-1998) (Blu-ray) - Via Vision

976-Evil (Blu-ray + Digital HD)-Sony


Abominable: Special Edition (Blu-ray + DVD)- MVD Visual

Abomination, The (Blu-ray) - Visual Vengeance

Addiction, The (1995) (Blu-ray)- Arrow Video

Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The (2-Disc) (Blu-ray)-Shout! Select

Aftermath, The (Blu-ray + DVD)- VCI Entertainment

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) (Blu-ray)- Arrow Video

Alienator (Blu-ray)-Scream Factory

Alien Dead, The: Limited Signed Edition (Blu-ray)- 

All the Money in the World (Blu-ray + Digital)- Sony

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (Blu-ray) - DigiDreams

American Werewolf in London: Limited Edition, An (Blu-ray)- Arrow Video

Amicus Collection, The (Blu-ray)- Severin Films

And Now the Screaming Starts (Blu-ray)- Severin Films

Angela Mao: Lady Whirlwind and Hapkido (UK Blu-ray) - Eureka Entertainment

*batteries not included (Blu-ray) - Imprint Films

Black Friday (Blu-ray) - Screen Media

Dawn of the Dead: Limited Edition (Blu-ray + CD Soundtrack) -  Second Sight

Demolitionist, The (Blu-ray + CD) - Digidreams

Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (Blu-ray)- MVD Visual

Divorced Dad (Blu-ray)- Kino Lorber

Dolemite (Blu-ray + DVD)- Vinegar Syndrome

Dollman (Blu-ray)- Full Moon Features

Donnie Darko: Limited Edition (Blu-ray + DVD)- Arrow Video

Don't Torture A Duckling (Blu-ray + DVD)- Arrow Video

Doom Asylum (Blu-ray)- Arrow Video

Double Dragon (Blu-ray)- MVD Visual

Dracula (1958) (U.K. Blu-ray + DVD)- Lionsgate

Drag Me to Hell: Collector's Edition (2 Disc Blu-ray)- Scream 

Dragons Forever (1988)- 88 Films

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