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Zombies of Mora Tau (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

The 50's were a special time for science fiction films and Zombies of Mora Tau is definitely one of them. We take a look at the brand new blu-ray from Arrow Video.

Screenshot Gallery: Dune: Limited Edition (Arrow Video)

Dune is a notorious flop of film, both as an adaptation as well as a film, but it still has legions of fans. Arrow Video is bringing the film to blu-ray and 4K blu-ray and we have the screenshots to help you decided whether to purchase or not.

Screenshot Gallery: Blind Beast (Arrow Video)

Arrow Video takes on this Japanese version of Fifty Shades of Grey with their blu-ray release of Blind Beast.

Death Screams (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

A forgotten slasher film has been given new life on blu-ray from the fine folks over at Arrow Video and we let you know if it's worth picking up.

Children of the Corn (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review + 4K Blu-ray Review

Children of the Corn is a fondly remembered film, but I can't understand why. The does tell a simple story that people can remember, and there are a few characters that are memorable, but the film just isn't that good. I guess everyone has to have that film that they watched as a kid and loved. Children of the Corn is not that film for me, but it is for others and that is fine by me.

Import Corner: The Millionaires' Express (Eureka Entertainment) Blu-ray Review

Eureka has done it again! They have taken an 80's martial arts classic and given it new life with this wonderful edition of THE MILLIONAIRES' EXPRESS.