Import Corner: American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (DigiDreams) Blu-ray Review + 1080p Screenshots + Packaging Shots

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (or as the title card says: Steel American Cyborg Warrior) was a staple of the video store in the 90s and DigiDreams has brought it to blu-ray.

Studio: Digidreams
Release Date: January 7th, 1994 (video premiere) / March 27th, 2017 (blu-ray)
Run Time: 1 hour 34 minutes 34 seconds
Region Code: FREE
Picture: 1080p (1.66:1 aspect ratio) (upscale)
Sound: German Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 / English Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0
Subtitles: German
Slipcover: No
Digital Copy: No
Starring: Joe Lara, Nicole Hansen, John Saint Ryan, Uri Gavriel
Written by Bill Crounse, Brent V. Friedman, Don Pequignot
Directed by Boaz Davidson
Rating: FSK: 16 (strong violence and gore and some language)

Note: This blu-ray is available separately or in the Cyborgs - Gegen Die Cyborgs Hat Die Menschheit Keine Chance  Blu-ray Box Set that contains the following films:

Nemesis 2: Nebula
Nemesis 3: Time Lapse
Nemesis 4: Death Angel
Class of 1999




What's It About?

After World War III people are sterile and ruled by the artificial intelligences they created in this violent world. The only woman who was able to give life to a fetus has to take it through the dangerous city of Charleston, South Carolina to the port where a ship is on its way to Europe. She is followed by an android assassin through all the dangers, and only one man tries to help her survive and protect her from the killing machine


AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR actually looks pretty good given Digidreams track record. Colors are pretty good as are skin tones. There is some film grain present so it doesn't look like they applied too much DNR. Detail varies from scene to scene. This is, however, an upscale as there were no film elements available to Digidreams.  Overall, I am happy with this transfer.

Again, we have lossy audio both on the German and English tracks but they sound fine. Nothing spectacular but nothing too bad either.


Original Trailer (1m 42s, SD, 1.33:1)
Deutscher Trailer (1m 42, SD, 1.33:1) in German. The same trailer as the Original Trailer above.
Spanischer Trailer (1m 36s, SD, 1.33:1) in Spanish. The same trailer as the Original Trailer above.
Schwedischer Trailer (1m 41s, SD, 1.33:1) in English. The same trailer as the Original Trailer above. I mean, the EXACT same trailer, complete with the same English narrator.
Original Trailer 1. Fassung (Ohne Musik) (without music) (1m 36s, SD, 1.33:1) This is a really weird feature as it's the Original Trailer without any music or narration. 
Bildergalerie (picture gallery) (2m 20s) autoplays in silence.
Good Bad Flicks (9m 56s, SD, 1.66:1) This is a video from the YouTube channel, Good Bad Flicks. The video goes over the whole film, cracks some jokes, and gives behind-the-scenes info. Good stuff.
Artwork-Galerie (3m 22s) another stills gallery that autoplays in silence.
Geek Legion of Doom (7m 19s, SD, 1.78:1, 4x3) This is another YouTube video review and it isn't very good. The sound is terrible. 
Pressefotos (31s) A third stills gallery that autoplays in silence.
American Cyborg Mit Tv-Synchro (1h 34m, HD, 1.66:1) This is the same film as the main film but with tv synchronization. I guess the tv audio is different but I don't know as I am not from Germany.


After watching THE DEMOLITIONIST, I was afraid I wasn't going to like AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR but I am happy to report that the film is pretty damn good. It is a rip off of the Jean Claude Van Damme / Albert Pyun post acopalyptic classic, CYBORG, which I will be reviewing in the upcoming weeks, but that is fine by me. The film even has the same plot: our hero has to transport a woman across a landscape of people trying to kill them while being chased by an unstoppable killing machine with weird eyes. The film also has hints of the Hideo Kojima game, DEATH STRANDING. The film is filled with action and is never boring or dull. I liked it a lot. 

The blu-ray was better than I expected. The picture is upscaled to 1080p as there was no film print available but it looks really nice for an upscale. The sound is fine. The special features are numerous but they tend to repeat a lot of the same things (all the trailers are the exact same trailer just in a different language.) I was happy to see Good Bad Flicks represented here. Overall, a good time and a good buy.






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