Basket Case 3: The Progeny (Synapse Films) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

Studio: Synapse Films

Release Date: February 21st, 1992 (theatrical) / August 9th, 2016 (blu-ray)

Run Time: 90 mins

Region Code: FREE

Picture: 1080p (1.78:1 aspect ratio)

Sound: English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio

Subtitles: No

Slipcover: No

Digital Copy: No

Starring: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Annie Ross, Gil Roper, Dan Biggers, Tina Louise Hilbert

Written by Frank Henenlotter and Robert Martin

Directed by Frank Henenlotter

Rating: R (graphic monster violence, sensuality, and language)


The saga of Times Square Freak Twins Duane and Belail Bradley takes its most bizarre twist yet. It all starts innocently enough when the Bradley boys join kindly doctor Granny Ruth and her family of unique individuals for a road trip through the deep South.. The occasion - Belail's about to become a proud monster father - and no basket is big enough to hold this ungodly brood! But when a pair of warped sheriffs deputies kidnap Belai's babies Granny Ruth and the family strike back. Belial single handedly decimates the local police station with crazed, Terminator like fury - and that's just the beginning. Threatened with the loss of the newest additions to their family, Granny Ruth and the others concoct a delicious revenge against their enemies, climaxing in Belial's futuristic one-on-one with the town Sheriff.

Basket Case 3 picks up right after the second film (much like the second film picks up right after the first film) and has our new heroes traveling to the south to get help with Eve (Belial’s girlfriend) as she gives birth. Not everything is all butterflies and roses as the police don’t take to kindly to Duane and Belial’s friends and kidnaps the brand new babies. Duane spends a big chunk of the film trying to get away from his brother, but when he sees that Belial actually has a family now, he decides to help his brother get the vengeance he is seeking.

Fans of the first two films will be disappointed to see that there is almost no gore in the film. In fact, the film isn’t very violent at all and the violence that does show up is more comedic in tone. This is a real shame as the first two films had some very impressive gore effects. The make-up in this film isn’t nearly as good as the previous film. Everything feels cheaper and more in line with the decade the film was released in. (the 90s had some of the cheapest looking horror films of any decade). I understand that shooting in the south means that you have to deal with heat and bugs more than you would in New York, but the make-up just looks like Halloween masks only a bit better.

Basket Case 3 is not that bad of a film. I actually like the film despite some of the misgivings that I have stated. The film is a fun watch even if it doesn’t live up to the first two films in the series. There is a lot of comedic and way less violent. Most fans were not pleased with this, but I was ok with it. The film entertained me which is what the film set out to do. You can’t be bad if you did what you set out to do.


Basket Case 3 looks really good on blu-ray. Colors are great and there is a nice film-like feel to the whole presentation.

The sound, presented in a DTS-HD MA track is good with dialogue being crisp and clear and the score coming through loud and clear.


Like Basket Case 2, Basket Case 3 features commissioned artwork that really sells the film.

There is also reversible art that features the film original theatrical artwork.

The disc is REGION FREE


Theatrical Trailer (1m 52s, HD)

This is the only special feature found on the disc. This is not surprising as Henenlotter is not a big fan of the film. It is a shame though as I am sure there are some stories about the making of the film that haven’t been told yet.


Basket Case 3 is a fun film that finds out characters in a completely different setting than previous films found them in. The setting makes for a different feeling film than the previous films and that is a positive. At least it was for me. I had fun watching the film and the negatives do not outweigh the positives. The blu-ray is a nice way to watch the film and will probably be the definitive version of the film for the foreseeable future.

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