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Put Back The Lid On The Coffin: The Cat O' Nine Tails (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots [UPDATED]

Cat O' Nine Tails is Dario Argento's second feature film as a director. Does he hit another home run or does the dreaded "Sophmore Slump" get the better of him?

Audio Commentary with Alan Jones and Kim Newman

Nine Lives (15m 57s, HD)

Interview with co-writer and director Dario Argento

The Writer O’ Many Tales (34m 46s, HD)

Interview with co-writer Dardano Sacchetti

Child Star (11m, HD)

Interview with actress Cinzia De Carolis

Giallo in Turin (15m 11s, HD)

Interview with production manager Angelo Iacono

Original Ending (3m 9s, HD)


     -Italian Theatrical Trailer (1m 48s, HD)

     -International Theatrical Trailer (1m 54s, HD)

     -U.S. Domestic Theatrical Trailer (1m 39s, HD)

The special features Arrow has put together are numerous, but a little bit underwhelming. I loved the commentary track with Jones and Newman. They gave me a new look at the film while giving us a play by play on the locations, actors, etc. The interview with Dario Argento is ok. Seems like he…

Philippe Mora's A Breed Apart Is Coming to Blu-ray This June


Her Face Was His Fortune. Scalpel Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

Scapel is another film that I had never heard of before but was excited to see. Does it entertain or does it leave me wanting more?

Slasher Hunt 2018: You Messed With The Wrong Family! Leatherface (2017) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

So how does this prequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre hold up?

Play Feature with Alternate Ending (1h 28m, HD)

There are two options for watching the film: the theatrical version and this alternate ending version. Without going into too much detail, the theatrical ending is a quick release type of ending. Something that happens and then it is over. The Alternate Ending version feels more in line with the series. It is really well paced and has a last-second image that fits with the film more than the theatrical ending does. I would recommend watching both endings as I feel they are both worth the time.

Behind the Bloody Mask: Making Leatherface (13m 24s, HD)

Pretty standard making of where the producers call the film a “reinvention”. One of the actors says that the film “is a mix of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Virgin Suicides”. Outside of comments like these, the film seems like it was fun to make.

Deleted Scenes (21m 4s, HD)

By far the meatiest of the special features: