The Evil Bong Stash Box (Full Moon Features) Blu-ray Review + Packaging Shots

Do you get high and watch movies? Well, Full Moon Features has you covered with The Evil Bong Stash Box with 9 movies for all potheads.

Studio: Full Moon Features
Release Date: October 31st, 2006 (Evil Bong) / July 7th, 2009 (Evil Bong 2) / April 8th, 2011 (Evil Bong 3) / October 29th, 2013 (Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong) / April 20th, 2015 (Evil Bong 420) / April 20th, 2016 (Evil Bong: High 5) / April 20th, 2017 (Evil Bong 666) / April 20th, 2018 (Evil Bong 777) / October 21st, 2019 (Weedjies) / October 5th, 2021 (blu-ray)
Run Time: 1 hour 26 minutes (Evil Bong) / 1 hour 20 minutes (Evil Bong 2) / 1 hour 27 minutes (Evil Bong 3) / 1 hour 23 minutes (Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong) / 53 minutes (Evil Bong 420) / 1 hour 10 minutes (Evil Bong: High 5) / 1 hour 5 minutes (Evil Bong 666) / 59 minutes (Evil Bong 777) / 1 hour 15 minutes (Weedjies)
Region Code: FREE
Picture: 1080p (1.78:1 aspect ratio) (all Evil Bong films) / 1080p (2.35:1 aspect ratio) (Weedjies)
English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (Evil Bong) / English Dolby Digital 2.0, English Dolby Digital 5.1 (Evil Bong 2, 3, Gingerdeadman vs Evil Bong, Evil Bong 420, High 5, and Weedjies) / English Dolby Digital 2.0 (Evil Bong 666 and 777)
Subtitles: No
Slipcover: No (but comes in a big box)
Digital Copy: No
Starring: David Weidoff, John Patrick Jordan, Mitch Eakins, Brian Lloyd, Robin Sydney (Evil Bong) / Brett Chukerman, Sonny Carl Davis, Mitch Eakins, Emilianna, John Patrick Jordan (Evil Bong 2) / Christina DeRosa, Irwin Keyes, Robin Sydney, Sonny Carl Davis, Amy Paffrath (Evil Bong 3) / John Patrick Jordan, Robin Sydney, Sonny Carl Davis, Peter Donald Badalamenti II, Amy Paffrath (Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong) / Sonny Carl Davis, John Patrick Jordan, Robin Sydney, Amy Paffrath, Mindy Robinson (Evil Bong 420) / Sonny Carl Davis, Robin Sydney, Amy Paffrath, John Patrick Jordan, Chance A. Rearden (Evil Bong: High 5) / Mindy Robinson, Sonny Carl Davis, Robin Sydney, Jessica Morris, Peter Donald Badalamenti II (Evil Bong 666) / Sonny Carl Davis, Robin Sydney, Jessica Morris, Mindy Robinson (Evil Bong 777) / Brett Hargrave, Victoria Strange, YĆ³, Johnny Jay Lee, Denise Milfort (Weedjies)
Written by Domonic Muir (Evil Bong 1 and 2) / Domonic Muir and Kent Roudebush (Evil Bong 3) / Kent Roudebush (Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong, Evil Bong 420, Evil Bong: High 5, Evil Bong 666, Evil Bong 777) / Shane Bitterling (Weedjies)
Directed by Charles Band (all Evil Bong films) / Danny Draven (Weedjies)
Rating: Not Rated (nudity, violence, language, and drug use) (all films)  




What's It About?

Charles Band's EVIL BONG series is the world's only weed-centric comedy/fantasy film franchise, an insane blend of stoner shenanigans, smutty humor and the sort of insane supernatural monster mayhem fans have come to expect from Full Moon. Presented here in this beautiful stash box collection for the very first time in HD and on Blu-ray, the original 2006 EVIL BONG movie has been fully remastered from the 35mm negative, with brand new visual effects added. It joins its celebrated sequels, many of which are also making their debuts on Blu-ray, along with our sidecar stoner shocker WEEDJIES! and tons of extra space to store upcoming entries in the EVIL BONG series...or whatever else you're trying to hide from your mom. It's the ultimate weed culture cinema collectible.



All of the films in this set look good. I mean, they should. The earliest film in this set was released in 2006, and was shot on film, so it should look good. The first film looks the best out of all the films as it was actually shot on film. The rest of the films were shot digitally, but they look good too. WEEDJIES is the only film in the set that looks like an actual movie, with dynamic lighting and widescreen compositions. The colors really pop and it feels like what a horror film should feel like. The other films in the set are shot flat and kind of lifeless, but the transfers look good. 

The first EVIL BONG film actually has lossless audio and it sounds pretty nice. The rest of the films all have lossy audio, but they sound good too. There are no subtitles on any of the films in this set.


Evil Bong

Behind the Scenes (19m 15s, SD)
Full Moon Roadshow (29m 9s, SD)

Evil Bong 2

Behind the Bong (12m 25s, SD)

Evil Bong 3

Evil Bong 3D Trailer (1m 5s, HD)
Chicago Premiere! (4m 15s, SD)
Fan Videos (5m 28s, SD)

Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong

Videozone (10m 29s, HD) 
Merch Commercials (9m 52s, SD)

Evil Bong 420

Videozone (SD; 7:43)

Ganja Viral Videos:
The Cookie Boner (SD; 1:17)
Bong World (SD; 1:00)
The Weed Blower (SD; 1:05)


Evil Bong: High 5

Behind the Scenes (1m 24s, SD)
High-5 Promo Videos (3m 49s, HD)

Evil Bong 666

The Smoke of Hell (12m 9s, HD)
Breaking Into Sexy Hell (11m 48s, HD)
Spotlight: Robin Sydney (5m 18s, HD)
Where Bad Girls Go (34s, HD)
A Sonny Goodbye (2m 27s, HD)

Evil Bong 777

What Happens in Vegas (24m 53s, HD)
The Devlin Made Us Do It (24m 22s, HD)
When Bongs Meet Babes (12m 52s, HD)
Hellvis Unchained (4m 3s, HD)


Commentary with Danny Draven and Shane Bitterling can be accessed under the Audio Menu.
Isolated Music Score is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and can be accessed under the Audio Menu.
1313 FX Crew Commentary
Complete Making of Weedjies Feature (1h 37m, SD)
Weedjies of the Night Music Video (3m 18s, HD)
Film Threat's Award This! 2020 (1m 32s, HD)
Puppeting with Gob-Lynn (7m 23s, SD)
Set Tour with David DeCoteau (6m 57s, SD)
Howard Stern Show Clip (2m 22s, HD)
Medicated Pete & McRib Lady Chat (4m 8s, SD)
Puppeting with Motorbreth (1m 8s, HD)

Let's talk about the packaging. It is really nice. In fact, this is one of the nicest sets I have ever seen and this is coming from someone who has been collecting for 30-plus years. The box is covered on all sides with imagery from the films. The box opens on one side (it closes with hidden magnets) to reveal the nine blu-rays located in the middle of the box. On each side are places for your stash. The box advertises that you can put other blu-rays in the box alongside the others, but because the supports are the way they are, there is no room to fit any more blu-rays. I mean, you could put them in there on a slant, but not the way the others are. You can take out WEEDJIES to put in the blu-ray for EVIL BONG 888, but that's about it. The box is very sturdy and looks great on the shelf.


Say what you will about these films, this set is a monster and it belongs in every Full Moon fan's collection. You get nine films on blu-ray along with room to store your precious smoke. Each film is a fun watch, more or less, and I would recommend this set to any Full Moon fan.


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