The Trailer Park: The Magnificent Butcher

The Magnificent Butcher is a fantastic film, one that a kung fu film fan should not miss. The film is funny and touching and has some of the best fight scenes the late 70's and early 80's had to offer. Sammo is truly a master of just about everything. He is a writer, producer, director, choreographer, and a stunt man. He has directed 35 films, but he has directed only one in the last 20 years.  There are a few films during that time that he may look back on in shame. He has made a film or two where his characters dress in blackface. These slights in racial views should not take away from the enormous benefits that he has given to film in general.

He is not a stingy director either. He has director a number of films that he does not appear in or has a small cameo in. His films with Jackie Chan are among some of the best films Sammo has ever made. Sammo is a master filmmaker and The Magnificent Butcher is one of his best films.

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