Slasher Hunt 2023: She Came from the Woods (2023)

She Came from the Woods is a slasher film that came out of nowhere and actually got to play in theaters. Is it any good or does it shit the bed?

Studio: Mainframe Pictures
Release Date: February 10th, 2023
Run Time: 1 hour 41 minutes
Starring: Cara Buono, Clare Foley, Spencer List, William Sadler, Michael Park
Written by Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist
Directed by Erik Bloomquist
Rating: Not Rated (horror violence and gore and language including homophobic epithets.)

“Why is it so hard to make a good slasher film these days?”

This thought kept running through my head as I watched the horrible SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS, an inept wannabe slasher film that mixes a bunch of different horror films into one and the mixture leads to a lot of confusion about what the film wants to be. It has supernatural elements, slasher elements, and kids become evil elements. None of these really work but the filmmakers try to make them work. 

Ok, the film takes place at a summer camp because filmmakers trying to make slasher films seem to believe that all slasher films take place at summer camps. So, we join the camp on the last day of operations. The kids put on a show for the other kids while our main characters talk to each other at their normal volume and no one seems to care. After the kids leave, the counselors tell the storm, or at least part of the story, of the titular “she” and then prick their fingers with bendable needs as they repeatedly say an incantation. They think that it is something that isn’t going to mean anything but it does. Soon, the titular “she” rises from the grave, with the help of the kids who are supposed to be going home, and she doesn’t really do much. She relies on the kids to do many of the things that happen in the film. 

So, now that we have that out of the way, what is good in the film? Not much. The filmmakers seem to have never seen an 80s slasher film as they have done the thing that most recent slasher films seem to love doing: they make our main characters horrible people. There are a few likable characters, but most of them are awful people. There is one character who yells most of his dialogue and treats the one gay character like shit. He has a mullet which is one of the only things that reminds us that this is supposed to be taking place in the 80s and he does nothing good throughout the whole film. He does have the worst (or best) death in the film but the filmmakers ruin it by having him feel up one of the female characters as he dies. 

We all know that a good slasher film is supposed to have some good death scenes, but SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS doesn’t. In fact, most of the deaths happen off-screen. We see the aftermath but are left wanting more. The two kills that actually happen onscreen are kind of cool but they happen so late into the film that we just don’t care. In fact, the titular “she” doesn’t show up until an hour in and then she is barely seen. “She” relies on taking over the minds of the kids who are supposed to be leaving to do her dirty work. “She” doesn’t really do anything onscreen until the film's last ten minutes or so. 

I am convinced that the filmmakers have never seen any of the 80s slasher films they are trying so desperately to copy. They set the film in the 80s, but outside of a few things like a mullet or guys wearing shorts that are a little bit too short, you would never know. They do nothing with the time period they are trying to emulate. I am sure that the filmmakers had good intentions but they are horrible at their jobs. Shit, they even waste the always wonderful William Sadler. They give him a story that is a direct copy of Victor Crowley’s back story from HATCHET.

is a slasher film that doesn’t really know how to be one. We are supposed to have likable characters, a great backstory, and kills that leave our jaws on the floor. This film offers nothing for us to care about and by the end we just want the film to end. After a while, I kept checking my watch, wishing the film was over so I could go outside and take in some fresh air. SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS is one of the worst films of 2023 and a terrible slasher film to boot. I hated this film and would never wish anyone to watch it. Skip this thing and watch an actual good slasher film.

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