The Worst Films of 2022

It is that time of year again when we gather together a few lists of what we consider to be the best and worst of the year. This list is comprised of the worst films I saw in 2022. This year was surprisingly not too bad with not that many films that I considered the worst of the year. That is why the list is so short. There were more run-of-the-mill type films in 2022 than there were just terrible films. Anyway, here are my choices for the Worst Films of 2022.

5. Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) I hated the first two THOR films. I thought they where lifeless bores that gave us nothing new. I did however love THOR: RAGNAROK. The film was so funny and colorful. I was hoping for the same with LOVE AND THUNDER. We did not get that. What we did was an unfocused mess that has a few good scenes, but they are few and far between. The film brings us something new just to take it away from us by the end. We did get the best villain in the entire MCU with Gor the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. Bale brings so much to the table and is a joy to watch. I want an entire film based on him. 

4. Scream (Paramount) I am not the biggest SCREAM fan. The first film is fine if not a complete contradiction of itself. The second and third films got worse and worse. SCREAM 4 was ok at best with some great scenes but the same snarky attitude of the films that came before it. SCREAM 2022 is more of the same but really poorly made. There are so many scenes that don’t work that I had a tough time getting through this thing. I also didn’t like what they did to Stewie. He is the best character in the entire film and they do him so wrong. They are making another one and I have no plans on watching it. 

3. Halloween Ends (Universal) Wow. Never have I seen a series fall as hard as the last few films in the HALLOWEEN franchise. The first of this trilogy, HALLOWEEN 2018, was really entertaining and a return to form for the series. HALLOWEEN KILLS was a lot of fun and would have been a fitting end to the series (take out a few scenes at the end and add a few and it works as an ending to the Micahel Meyer saga. Of course, they had to fuck that up by extending the series to a trilogy with HALLOWEEN ENDS, a complete disgrace that it makes HALLOWEEN H20 and HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION look like Oscar winners. This was supposed to be the “epic conclusion” to the Myers/Strode saga, but it wasn’t. The epic showdown lasts for less than ten minutes with the previous 100 or so minutes being focused on a character they introduced in this film. Why would you introduc a new character in the last film of 44 years long series and all but ignore the character we have all come to see? Why would Laurie, who spent 40 years being scared of Michael Myers to the point that she created HOME ALONE style boobie traps around her house, all of sudden stop worrying about him and start living life while he is still on the loose? It is stuff like this that makes HALLOWEEN ENDS one of the worst films of the HALLOWEEN series and one of the worst films of 2022.

2. Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe (Paramount) BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA is an incredibly funny film that has only gotten better with age. So, it was to my dismay that BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO THE UNIVERSE was so bad. The first 10 minutes or so are pure BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, but when they travel to the present, the film falls apart. The animation is also shit with the film using the same animation style that was used on ARCHER. This film was so bad that my wife fell asleep and stay asleep through the rest of the film.

1. Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul (Universal) I love the Regina King and Sterling K. Brown. They are among a small group of actors who I will watch in anything and I figured had picked a good film to be in. They did not. This is one unfunny film. The filmmakers think that they are presenting us a satire, but all they do is present the idea they think is satire but without commentary. This is not satire. You are just giving us a real thing and thinking its satire. King and Stirling do their best to keep this film together, but they can’t. Don’t get me wrong. They are the best thing about this mess of a film. The film is terrible and should not be watched at all. 

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