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Screenshot Saturday: Burst City (Arrow Video)

The futuristic Japanese cult classic, Burst City, is coming to blu-ray from Arrow Video and we have the screenshots.

The Last Starfighter (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

The Last Starfighter was the first film to feature extensive CGI work throughout the film. Does this makes this a good film? No. The film isn't all that great, but it does make the film an interesting watch from a historical perspective.

Warning from Space (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

Sci-fi junkies and Japanese film fans will probably like this film. I did not. I found it boring and dull. Arrow has given the film a really nice blu-ray that fans of the film will love.

Mallrats (1995) (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

Mallrats is a film that I love and the fine folks over at Arrow Video have put together a really nice package with this two-disc blu-ray set, filled with special features along with a nice remastered picture. Fans will love this set and they should because it is that good.