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The Secret of the Sword

"I've got that flying horsey in my sight" He-Man & the Masters of the Universe was a massive hit toy line and a massive hit animated TV series. He-Man ruled the airwaves in the 80s and it would only make sense to not only make a feature length theatrical film but also a new spin-off series with a new character! The film follows Price Adam/He-Man as he embarks on the search for his twin sister. Turns out that a new villain by the name of Hordak had kidnapped He-Man's twin sister shortly after birth and taken here to another dimension on a planet called Etherea. No one knows what happened to the little girl, Adora. But, with this information and with a magical sword, He-Man is on his way to find Princess Adora.  What much can be said of "The Secret of the Sword", it's not necessarily a film for cinemas as there is nothing special enough about the movie for it to warrant a theatrical release, other than the length of the film. The animation remains the

Caged Heat! / Jackson County Jail - Limited to 1,000 Copies (Blu-ray)- Scream Factory

Shout! Factory brings us another double dose of Roger Corman in the form of Caged Heat! and Jackson County Jail, two Corman classics making their blu-ray debut. Check out our review to see if they are worth the purchase.

Screenshot Saturday: Robowar (Severin Films)

Have you ever wondered what an Italian rip-off of the 1987 classic Predator would look like? Well, wonder no more as take a look at the Bruno Matei film, Robowar, on this week's Screenshot Saturday.

Import Corner: The Fearless Hyena (88 Films) Blu-ray Review

88 Films continues their trek to remaster every Jackie Chan film they can get their hands on with The Fearless Hyena, the first film that Jackie Chan ever directed. Click on through to check out our review. Studio: 88 Films Release Date: February 17th, 1979 (theatrical) / August 10th, 2020 (blu-ray) Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes 47 seconds Region Code: B (locked) Picture: 1080p (2.35:1 aspect ratio) Sound: Cantonese DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 (original), Cantonese DTS 1.0 (alternative), English DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 (original English dub), English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (updated English dub) Subtitles: English Slipcover: Yes (limited to first 1,000 copies) Digital Copy: No Starring: Jackie Chan, James Tien, Dean Shek, Kun Li, and Tien-chi Cheng Written by Jackie Chan and Lo Wei Directed by Jackie Chan Rating: BBFC: 15 (contains frequent moderate martial arts violence) THE FILM Shing Lung (Jackie Chan) is a youngster, living in a remote village with his grandfather who teaches

Screenshot Saturday: Bloodstone (1988) Arrow Video Blu-ray

Arrow Video brings to blu-ray this oft-overlooked, Dwight H. Little-directed, Bloodstone, an adventure film in the same vein as Romancing the Stone. Today, Screenshot Saturday takes a look the blu-ray release.

Black Rainbow (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

Arrow Video has brought the 90's cable staple Black Rainbow to blu-ray. Is it worth the price? Check out our review.

Screenshot Saturday: Life Is A Long Quiet River (Arrow Academy)

The French cult classic, Life Is A Long Quiet River, was recently released on blu-ray and today, on Screenshot Saturday, we take a look at this very release.

Divorced Dad (Kino Lorber) Blu-ray Review

Banned from YouTube, Divorced Dad is a really funny, vicious satire of cable access shows along with one man's slow descent into madness. Brought to us from the hilarious Astron-6, Divorced Dad is something that you may not know that you will like, but should check it out. You know, just to see. 

Screenshot Saturday: Hiroshima (Arrow Academy)

Arrow Academy brings us the absolutely devastating film, Hiroshima, about the U.S bombing of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945, to blu-ray with this wonderful edition of the film. Keep reading for screenshots from the blu-ray, including the film, the menus, and the special features on this edition of Screenshot Saturday.