88 Films Announces 3 New Blu-rays For This February

88 Films has announced three brand new blu-rays for release in February. We get an addition to their Italian Collection, a sequel to a cult classic horror film, and a long-awaited Jackie Chan film.

A Black Veil for Lisa
When a narcotics detective finds out that his beautiful wife - who is an ex-criminal - is cheating on him, he hires a professional hit-man to bump her off. However, things don't go quite according to plan. Starring John Mills, Luciana Paluzzi, Robert Hoffmann, Renate Kasché, and Tullio Altamura.

Special Features:
Interview with Film Journalist Rachel Nisbet
Interview with Film Journalist John Martin

Street Date: February 11th

Night of the Demons 2
In this diabolical sequel to the popular shocker, the students from St. Rita's Academy throw a party at a haunted house, only to have it disrupted by Angela, the hostess from Hell, and her ghoulish pals. The kids try to find refuge at a teen dance, but things get even scarier there! Bobby Jacoby and Amelia Kinkade star in this special effects-filled terrorthon... Starring Amelia Kinkade, Darin Heames, Robert Jayne, Merle Kennedy, and Rod McCary.

Special Features:
Interview with Effects Guy, Steve Johnson
Booklet Notes by Film Journalists Dave Wain and Matty Budrewicz

Street Date: February 25th

Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin
Hsu has been entrusted with the book of the "Art of the Snake and Crane" after the mysterious disappearance of the eight Shaolin Masters who had written it. He must fight off numerous clans who are all attempting to steal the book from him, to find out the true reason for the disappearance of the Shaolin Masters.

Special Features and Technical Specs:
BRAND NEW 2K REMASTER OF THE FILM from the original camera negative
Interview with Hong Kong Expert Rick Baker 
DTS Original English Mono Audio
DTS-HD MA English 5.1 Re-Mixed Audio
DTS Original Mandarin Mono Audio
DTS-HD MA Mandarin 5.1 Re-Mixed Audio
DTS-HD MA Cantonese Stereo Audio 
Reversible Sleeve with New Artwork by The Dude Designs and Original Hong Kong Poster Artwork
Limited Edition O-Card slipcase (First Print Run Only)
Limited Edition Collectors' Postcards Set (4) (First Print Run Only)

Street Date: February 11th

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