This One Ain't A Joke: Return of the Living Dead 3 (Vestron Video Collector's Series) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

Lionsgate has finally given the fans what they have been asking for for the longest time: An unrated version of Return of the Living Dead 3 in 1080p. With the Vestron Collector's Series, Lionsgate has done just that.


Return of the Living Dead III Title Card

Commentary with Director Brian Yuzna

Commentary with actress Melinda Clarke and Special Effects Supervisor Tom Rainone

Ashes to Ashes (26m 48s, HD)

Discussion with Director Brian Yuzna and Writer John Penney

Living Dead Girl (18m 56s, HD)

Interview with actress Melinda Clarke

Romeo Is Bleeding (17m 21s, HD)

Interview with actor J. Trevor Edmund

Trimark and Trioxin (13m 33s, HD)

Interview with former executive at Trimark Pictures, David Tripet and editor Chris Roth

The Resurrected Dead (18m 47s, HD)

Interviews with special effects creators Chris Nelson and Steve Johnson and actor Anthony Hickox

Storyboard Gallery (5m 51s, HD)

Two scenes, Julie’s Accident and Into the Fire, are featured in storyboard form only with audio from 
the film.

Still Gallery (3m 54s, HD)

Stills from the film, behind the scenes photos, and posters are shown in slideshow form while the score plays.

Theatrical Trailers

                -Trailer #1 (1m 42s, HD)

                -Trailer #2 (1m 3s, HD)

Lionsgate has gone the extra mile and really delivered on this release. We get two solid commentary tracks, a host of interviews, some with people I never thought would have sat down for an interview, and some other lessor features. There is a lot of information to learn about the film and, thankfully, there isn’t too much overlap between features. I honestly don’t think that there is anything missing from this lineup. Definitely worth the time.


The slipcover features the film’s theatrical poster with Julie decked out in here S&M garb. The background is red with trees and, for some reason, a full moon. At the top is a silver banner with the Vestron Video Logo and Collector’s Series name.

The front cover is the same as the slip, just without the Vestron Video logo at the top.

The back cover features a brief intro into what the Vestron Video Collector’s Series is along with a description of the film and the special features contained on the disc.

The disc art is the same as the front cover.

This blu-ray is REGION A (locked)


zombie wants the ball gag taken out of his mouth

It has been a long time coming, but Return of the Living Dead III makes its debut on blu-ray with a good, but not great transfer. The first thing that you will notice is the clarity in the picture. Owners of the previous dvd release will note that the picture quality on that disc was not the best and this blu-ray is a step up in that area. Since this film was shot with very little in the way of color, there is nothing that pops out, except for Julie’s hair. Even the blood isn’t all that red. The transfer looks to be from a dated master so things don’t look the best that they can. I will give this a pass, though, because the film has not been treated so kindly.

THE SOUND ⭐⭐⭐1/2

hot girl bites man's arm

We get a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 track that keeps things lively. Dialogue is clean and clear and there is no distortion to the track at all. The cheesy soundtrack comes through loud and clear, as do the stomach turning sound effects.


zombie or heroin addict? you decide

Plot: In RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD: PART II, the chemical Trioxin turned people into flesh-eating zombies. Now, the government is trying to control these unstoppable cannibalistic killers in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3. When a young man uses the chemical to bring his girlfriend back to life after a motorcycle accident, she is driven to eat the only thing that will nourish her... human brains! She tries to stop her own feeding frenzy but a chain reaction has already begun, as hordes of undead are unleashed from their graves!

When Return of the Living Dead III first came out, I was disgusted by the really well done special effects. I normally had no problem with gore, but this film made my stomach turn. I had never seen someone get dragged by their exposed spine before.

Since then, I have gotten used to all of the gore so when I finally was able to watch this again, I was ok with what was happening. This is a testament to the brilliant effects work on display here. There is not one effect that doesn’t work and there are a lot of effects here.

The film was a staple of the 90’s, an era when horror films were shunned and not taken seriously. I find it funny that these same films are the films that are remembered while the films that were praised are barely remembered (some of them).

While I love the effects here, I can do without the story. I don’t mind the love story, but the rest of it just drags. Why would a gang who really has nothing to do with the story whatsoever, go into the L.A. sewer system on a hunch that they can find the girl that bit their fellow gang member? How did the military know where the girl was? Why would the lead gang member, after seeing what Julie has done to herself, think that she would want to have sex with him? A lot of questions that lead nowhere.

Return of the Living Dead III is a good, but flawed film. The acting is decent, the direction is ok, but it is the effects that give the film its personality. If you can look past the film’s flaws, you will find a masterclass in effects work from some of the most talented people on the planet.

OVERALL ⭐⭐⭐1/2

piercings taken to the ultimate level

I am glad to finally have Return of the Living Dead III on blu-ray. The picture quality is good, the sound is really good, and the special features are great. The blu-ray is really overpriced, but if you can find a deal on it, then grab it. It is worth the price.

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