Phantasm Week Day 6: The Phantasm Collection Bonus Disc

Well Go USA has done an impressive job so far with the Phantasm series. Can they end the disc based items with a bang or do they sing for the wall and miss completely?

I know that reviewing this as a separate review might seem like am trying to make this week out to a full week (which I am because if I didn't this would be a six day week), but I think that this disc holds enough docs on it that it deserves its own day.

This disc is found in the same case as the fifth film in the series, Ravager. There is no indication on the box or the case that the bonus disc is in that particular case. It is the same way that Scream Factory did the bonus disc for their Halloween Limited Edition Set.

Phantasm and You (3m 28s, HD)

A comic recap of the first four films by Phantasm Ravager director David Hartman. This is presented as an educational film and is amusing for about a minute.

Phantasm Flashback Weekend Convention Panel Discussion (2008) (32m 22s, SD)

WGN 720’s Nick Digilio hosts this panel that is made up of Reggie Bannister, Kat Lester, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornberry, Angus Scrimm, Don Coscarelli, and Robert Kutzman of KNB. Most of the stories told here are heard elsewhere in the set, but we do get the unpleasant sight and sound of nick Digilio perving on Kat Lester, who Digilio interviewed on his radio show.

Flashback Weekend Chicago Convention Cast Panel (39m 34s, HD)

This panel is again hosted by WGN 720’s Nick Digilio and includes everyone who was on the previous panel from 2008, including Robert Kurtzman. Again Digilio pervs on Kat Lester, but we also see that Angus Scrimm, even though he looks very old and tired, still has the voice in him.

Phantasm Flashback Weekend Concert Performance by Kat Lester (5m 47s, SD)

She is an ok singer, but the song is not very good.

2016 Fantastic Fest  Premiere and Q & A (32m 48s, HD)

The remaster of Phantasm was premiered at Fantastic Fest and the same group from the Flashback Weekend, sadly minus Angus Scrimm, are on hand to answer a lot of the same questions. At the end Bill Thornberry plays a song on his guitar.

Phantasmagoria (1h 42s, HD)
For years this was the definitive documentary about the series, from conception of the first film to the outlook of what could be. Unfortunately, all of the docs on the other discs and commentary tracks found on the other discs in this set eclipse this doc. That isn’t to say that this doc isn’t worth sitting through at least once, it is worth the watch, but be aware that you will hear a lot of the same stories told elsewhere.

Phantasmagorical (13m 55s, SD)

Reggie Bannister takes us on a tour of the locations used in the first film, Horror’s Hallowed Grounds style, while interview segments are intercut.

Phantasm Genesis (17m 50s, HD, 1.85:1, 4x3)

We get a lot of behind the scenes footage as we take a closer look at the stunts, dwarves, and other things not really covered in Phantasmagoria.

Phandom (18m 27s, HD)

Here we hear of stories, good and bad, about fans of the series. This is not a one-sided doc either. Fans are interviewed as well and we get a lot of footage from different convetions. This doc plays a lot like that Bruce Campbell doc about fans of Evil Dead that he made when Evil Dead (the Book of the Dead edition) hit shelves.


By the time I got to this bonus disc, I have to admit that I was a little Phantasmed out. I was having a blast watching the series, even though I didn’t like all of the films, but like I said before, this disc has a lot of information repeated over and over again. I can’t fault Well Go USA for this though, as they are just doing right by fans. Well Go USA has gone out of their way to get any and everything thing that they can get to make this set the most “Complete” collection that they could. I appreciate all of the work that they have put into this set. This bonus disc is worth watching at least once. I don’t think that I will ever watch it again, but I know it is there if I ever need it.

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