Shout/Scream Factory Attempt to Take All of Our Money This April

Holy Shit! Shout and Scream Factory have announced a ton of blu-rays hitting the market in April. Some of the blus have been announced already (Tales from the Hood, Contamination .7) and others are brand new (Never Too Young to Die, The Pink Panther Collection). Here is a break down of all that was announced:

Invasion of the Bee Girls (April 4th, 2017)

Synopsis: Men are dying in a small California town and the only clue to their cause of death may come from a nearby government genetic lab! Nicholas Meyer, the same guy that brought you Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan, wrote this unintentionally hilarious, nudity filled, mind bending romp! This rare and hard to find print of Invasion of the Bee Girls has generated quite a buzz for the huge cult following that has been waiting for this film's release! After watching this film you'll never look at marshmallow cream the same way! Starring William Smith, Anitra Ford, Victoria Vetri, Cliff Osmond, Wright King, Ben Hammer, and Anna Aries.

Tank 432 (April 4th, 2017)

Synopsis: With nowhere else to hide, a group of mercenaries and their two prisoners take cover inside a long abandoned Bulldog tank. But, while they try to keep the forces outside at bay, the real enemy is already among them, locked inside the 'Belly of the Bulldog'. Starring Rupert Evans, Steve Garry, and Deirdre Mullins.

The Pink Panther Collection (April 11th, 2017)

-The Pink Panther (1963)

Meet Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the bumbling French detective whose career is one gigantic banana peel. Showcasing the comic genius of Peter Sellers, this "delightful caper" (Leonard Maltin) brims with "winning charm" (The Film Daily) and clever slapstick. David Niven, Robert Wagner and Capucine co-star in the sidesplitting film that launched one of the greatest comedy series of all time!

Arriving at an Italian ski resort with a large diamond known as the Pink Panther, Princess Dala (Claudia Cardinale) encounters the suave Sir Charles (Niven), who also happens to be the notorious jewel thief The Phantom. Can Clouseau (Sellers), the clumsiest inspector ever to trip over a case, stop Sir Charles' plot...or will The Phantom steal the "cat" and leave Clouseau holding the bag?

-A Shot in the Dark (1964)

When a beautiful parlor maid (Elke Sommer) is accused of murdering her lover, the nutty Inspector (Sellers), falls...into the fray to save her in this irrepressibly funny Pink Panther classic.

The French have a word for a man like Clouseau: idot! Across Paris, baffled citizens want to know if the inspector is in hot pursuit of a criminal...or just in love with one! Mistakenly assigned to a high-prestige case in which a millionaire's chauffer has been murdered, Clouseau finds himself falling for the prime suspect - a beautiful parlormaid whose talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time is almost as great as his. But as the body count grows higher, and the parlormaid's criminal record grows longer, Clouseau realizes he'll have to find the "real" culprit quickly or his career will be flint!

-The Return of the Pink Panther (1975)

The comic genius of Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers meet again in The Return of the Pink Panther. The Pink Panther Diamond is stolen with only one clue left behind - a white glove, the trademark of the world-renowned jewel thief, The Phantom (Christopher Plummer). Believed to be retired, he immediately becomes the chief suspect on Inspector Clouseau's list. Wanting to clear his name, The Phantom sets out to find the real thief and sends Clouseau bumbling along on a false trail. Inspector Clouseau's antics finally push his boss, Chief Inspector Dreyfus, over the edge and he sets out to murder Clouseau to be rid of him once and for all!

It's non-stop laughs in this timeless comedy masterpiece, hailed as the funniest in The Pink Panther series.

-The Pink Panther Strikers Again (1976)

Peter Sellers is "in top form" (Cue) in this zany adventure that finds the accident-prone Inspector Clouseau using some of his most outlandish disguises ever. With "ferociously funny karate encounters" (Time) with the enigmatic Cato (Burt Kwouk) and dangerous intrigue with a sexy Russian spy (Lesley-Anne Down), this hysterical comedy will strike your funny bone!

Driven over the edge by the maddeningly incompetent Clouseau, former Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) commandeers a doomsday device and threatens to destroy the world. His only demand? Clouseau's death! But thanks to his nemesis' dumb luck, the assassins hired to kill him can't seem to finish the job - although Clouseau may do it himself by tripping over his own two feet!

-Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)

Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) happily believes that Clouseau has died in an explosion, but in reality, he's alive and busy mangling a case! Using absurdly mismatched costumes and accents, Clouseau travels to Hong Kong to intercept a major heroin deal, bringing Cato (Burt Kwouk) and the drug lord's jilted lover (Cannon) with him. The only problem is, Dreyfus is on the case too!

-Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

Inspector Clouseau, the lovable buffoon with a knack for mispronunciation, is MIA! The terrifically talented Peter Sellers "induces gales of tonic laughter" (The Hollywood Reporter) in this wild adventure co-starring the full Panther ensemble cast, including David Niven, Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk and Capucine, along with newcomers Joanna Lumley, Richard Mulligan and Harvey Korman.

The Pink Panther diamond goes missing - and then en route to the scene of the crime, Clouseau's plane goes missing! A sleuthing reporter (Lumley) is assigned to memorialize the fabled detective, but in the process, she comes up against some strange behavior from a delirious Dreyfus (Lom) as well as Clouseau's duplicitous ex-wife (Capucine), his lusty father (Mulligan) and The Phantom (Niven)!

This film was made after Peter Sellers' death, with all his scenes in film consisting of outtakes and deleted footage from other Pink Panther films.

Never Too Young to Die (April 11th, 2017)

Synopsis: A top secret agent is murdered, so his estranged son - a high school gymnast - teams up with his dad's attractive female partner to stop the psychopathic hermaphroditic gang leader who killed him and now plans a major terrorist attack. Starring John Stamos, Vanity, Gene Simmons, George Lazenby, and Peter Kwong.

The Vampire (April 11th, 2017)

Synopsis: The patients were sick...but the doctor was a sicko! When a small-town physician (John Beal) accidentally swallows experimental bat serum pills, he's soon up to his Hippocratic Oath in blood-thristy desire! Transformed into an undead fiend, the doctor finds himself sucked into a dark and sinister world - where he must save patients by day...and suck their blood by night! Starring John Beal, Coleen Gray, Kenneth Tobey, Lydia Reed, Paul Brinegar, and Dabbs Greer.

Demented (April 11th, 2017)

A woman is gang-raped in a horse's stable, and even though the rapists are caught and imprisoned, she is harassed many moons later by ghastly visions of her tormentors, while her husband philanders and every little thing frightens her out of her wits. Starring Sallee Young, Harry Reems, and Deborah Alter.

Tales from the Hood (April 18th, 2017)

Welcome to the 'hood of horrors! It's a place where your worst fears can come to life. A place where it's hard to tell nightmares from reality. A place where you will discover Tales From The Hood.

Stack, Ball and Bulldog arrive at a local funeral parlor to retrieve a lost drug stash held by the mortician Mr. Simms (Clarence Williams III). But Mr. Simms has plans for the boys. He leads them on a tour of his establishment, introducing them to his corpses. Even the dead have tales to tell and Mr. Simms is willing to tell them all. And you better listen – because when you're in the 'hood, even everyday life can lead to extraordinary terror.

Contamination .7 a.k.a. The Crawlers (April 18th, 2017)

Synopsis: When radioactive waste from a nearby nuclear plant turns the local trees into man-eating plants, a group of determined villagers must fight them to the death. Crazy, right? Starring Mary Sellers, Jason Saucier, Bubba Reeves, Chelsi Stahr, Vince O'Neil, Jaymzlinn Saxton, and Carol Kroft.

The Handmaid's Tale (April 18th, 2017)

Synopsis: In the not-so-distant future, strong-willed and beautiful Kate (Richardson) possesses a precious commodity that most women have lost and most men want to control... fertility. into a brain-washing bootcamp that turns fertile women into surrogate mothers for social-elite men and their infertile wives, Kate thinks she's made out well when she's assigned to an eminent party leader (Duvall). But when she learns that he's sterile, she's faced with the impossible choice: produce him an heir or die!

Man of la Mancha (April 25th, 2017)

Synopsis: Academy Award winners Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren are magnificent in this "lavishly produced" (LA Herald-Examiner) and "beautifully acted" (The New York Times) epic masterpiece. Featuring an Oscar-nominated score with the classic "The Impossible Dream," this truly beautiful musical is an experience not to be missed!

Jailed during the Spanish Inquisition for offending the church, author Miguel de Cervantes (O'Toole) is to act out one of his manuscripts for the entertainment of fellow inmates. Cervantes delivers a rapturous performance as the legendary Don Quixote, the chivalrous knight whose choice to see life as it should be, not as it is, takes him into battles with an imaginary foe and into romance with the beautiful Dulcinea (Loren).

Exterminator 2 (April 25th, 2017)

Synopsis: Robert Ginty reprises his role as the vigilante known as the Exterminator in this action sequel. This time, a gang vow to rid New York of the Exterminator after its leader X (Mario Van Peebles)'s brother is killed by the vigilante. When their attack on Eastland gets personal, his alter ego picks up his flame thrower to turn up the heat on the city's criminals.

The Screaming Skull (April 25th, 2017)

Synopsis: An already anxious wife is terrorized by unexplainable happenings orchestrated by her greedy husband in an attempt to drive her insane. This film is a gem from a time past whose frissons will continue to creep stealthily into your subconscious. Beware, they say, for you never know what can strike out form the darkness of either your mind or the room you are in.

I am very excited about these announcements, especially Tales From the Hood, Never Too Young to Die, Exterminator 2, and Man of La Mancha. 

I will keep you informed when the special features are announced.

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