Meet the Feebles Trailer

My first exposure to Meet the Feebles was a humorous one. I found the film, after a long search, at a Hollywood Video a few towns over. I rented the film for Christmas Eve. Every year, one of the three brothers (my father and my two uncles) would host a Christmas Eve dinner at their respective houses. Anytime that we hosted a family dinner, usually once or twice a year, I would rent some films for me and my cousins to watch.

My cousins already knew that I had a weird taste in films (I don't think I do, but to each their own) and they knew that this Christmas would no different. I told them about the film that I had rented and they were eager to see it. I popped in the VHS tape and we began to watch. Within ten minutes our reactions would vary from laughing our asses off to feeling like we needed a shower to wash off the dirtiness that we felt.

While we were watching the film, my aunt (and mother to the cousins that were watching the film with me) entered the room. She asked what we were watching. We told her, but only in the loosest terms. She came around to see the tv and was shocked by what we were watching. Of course she had to come in on the scene where the rat rapes the dog.

Furious, she took the tape out of the VCR and stormed out of the room. She walked up to my mother and asked whether she knew what we were watching or not. My mother, bless her heart, said that she allowed me to view anything that I wanted. She then described what she saw and, while my mother was a bit shocked, said that I was old enough to make my own decisions. My aunt then went off on my mother and said that her kids (my cousins) were allowed to watch smut. My cousins, however, are older than me and were actually over eighteen, so my aunt had no say so in the matter. My mother asked me if there was another film that we could watch, I said yes, and that is what we did. We ended up watching Die Hard with a Vengeance, because violence is always more age appropriate than puppet sex.


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