Jackass 3-D

I missed out on the first Jackass when it hit
theaters in 2002. I thought the whole idea of                        watching  people hurt themselves and others                                       in the name of entertainment was a pretty stupid idea. I know that we have shows like America's Funniest Home Videos and World's Wildest Police Chases, but the people in those videos are supposedly not getting hurt on purpose. I guess that is why the show and the movies are called Jackass.

When Jackass: The Movie was released on dvd in the spring of 2003 I decided to take a chance and I rented it. What followed was 90 minutes of the funniest and most obscene things I have ever seen. I laughed throughout the entire movie and my wife did too. At the end I told my wife that if they make anymore movies, I do not want to miss them in the theater.

When Jackass Number Two hit theaters in 2006 I was there opening night. The sequel was even better than the original. The Jackass crew had taken their jokes as far as they could go. I mean, how many movies can you witness a man drink horse semen and still laugh? The guys did release a Jackass 2.5 straight to dvd, but it wasn't the same as the theatrical movies.

So now we have Jackass 3-D and while it is not as good as the previous two, it is still pretty funny.

The Jackass crew have come up with a new batch of gross gags for us. Just as a taste of what we get is: a man being bounced off of a giant blob while others in the group shoot at him, while he is in the air, with paintball guns, Johnny Knoxville being ran over by a bull while trying to camouflage himself, Steve-O drinking the sweat off of Preston Lacy, and so on.

The reason that the stuff that the Jackass guys do works is because there is humanity to them. During the closing credits we see pictures of all the guys and even video of them when they were younger. These guys have been through all of this together and you can sense that when you watch the movies. There are groups of guys on the internet who try to do the shit that these guys do, but it doesn't work because we don't care about these schmucks like we do the Jackass guys.

The Jackass movies will always remain as a thorn in the side of movie reviewers. Not the reviewers like me or some of the more open reviewers. We know that if a movie is done right it can be very entertaining, something that old school reviewers seem to forget. There are many reviewers out there who forget that movies are supposed to be fun. Now I know not all movies are fun, but the main reason that most of us go to the movies is to get away from all the bullshit that is flung at us each and every day. If people would just open their minds a little they would see that there is a lot to offer from movies like Jackass.

That being said, Jackass 3-D is a good movie. I would say it is harmless fun, but most of the movie is harmful to the people who are in it. For the people who are watching the movie, the movie is harmless fun. On top of that, this is probably one of the best 3-D movies out there and you have yourself a winner.

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