Just the Features: Deadpool Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

2-Disc Combo: Blu-ray and DVD

Disc One: Blu-ray

Deleted and Extended Scene (19m  14s, HD) with optional commentary with Tim Miller
-Prison: The Raft
-Cancer World Tour
-Extended Freeway Fight
-Extended Workshop Fight

-5 Year Montage
-NO5 Bathroom
-Extended Angel/NTW Fight
-Extended Rubble Pile: Gratuitous Worth It
-Alternate Coda

There are some really good scenes here. Cancer World Tour and 5 Year Montage are the best of the bunch.

Gag Reel (6m 12s, HD)
 Some good goofs here. A bit funnier than your normal gag reel.

From Comics to Screen…to Screen (1h 20m, HD)
This is a very comprehensive documentary about the making of Deadpool. It covers everything from the screw up that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine to the test footage that was made to convince Fox to make the film and the subsequent leaking of said footage to the internet.  We also get to see how the effects were done, how much of the film is CG, and how they made the mask (I thought that the mask was partially to mostly CG, but it is an actual mask). This is really good making of that should be a blast for fans of the film.

Commentary with Ryan Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese & Paul Wenick
Commentary talks about the making of the film, but it also steers into clearing rights and which joke to use. I liked this track but it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. In fact, there are some dead spots throughout that I never expected. I thought that the commentary track had been turned off.

Commentary with Director Tim Miller and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefield
A more technical track, but a better listen to than the first track. Miller and Liefeld talk about everything. There is some crossover  from the making of, but we get a bit more about the character of Deadpool.

Galleries: (Play All or Manual)
-Concept Art
-Freeway (20s. HD)
-X-Mansion Hangar (20s, HD)
-Workshop (55s, HD)
-Shipyard (50s, HD)
-Deadpool (50s, HD)
-Ajax (15s, HD)
-Colossus (25s, HD)
-Negasonic Teenage Warhead (15s, HD)
-Angel Dust (15s, HD)
-Freeway (16m 56s, HD)
-En Route to Shipyard (3m 50s, HD)
-Shipyard - Mercenary Fight (22m 11s, HD)
-Shipyard - Aftermath (11m 1s, HD)
-Pre-Vis (7m 8s, HD)
-Stunt-Vis Shipyard (2m 2s, HD)

Not really a big fan of storyboards or anything like that, but it is here for those that do.

Deadpool’s Fun Sack
-Videos (23m 54s, HD)

-April’s Fool Rating Announcement
-Fantastic Four Deadpool Teaser
-Trailer Trailer
-Theatrical Trailer #1
-Red Band Trailer #1
-Happy Halloween
-Brazil Comic-Con Greeting
-Experience Me in IMAX
-Theatrical Trailer #2
-Red Band Trailer #2
-Blatant Bachelor Baiting TV Spot
-Australia Day Greeting
-Touch Yourself Tonight
-Gentlemen, Touch Yourself Tonight
-Ladies, Touch Yourself Tonight
-Chinese New Year Greeting
-Super Bowl TV Spot (listed as SuperB owl TV spot)
Stills (40s, HD)

Every video and trailer made for Deadpool in the year leading up to the release is here. Most of these were part of the viral campaign, but they are all pretty good.

Disc #2: DVD

The DVD gets the same Gag Reel and Deadpool’s Fun Sack that the blu-ray has.

Packaging: I am reviewing the Target Exclusive release of Deadpool so some of the packaging will not apply to the general release version.

First we are greeted by a nice slip sleeve. Deadpool’s face is the main focus of the front and the back is in the same style as any other Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment release.

The cover for the case is the same, both front and back, as the slip sleeve. The case, in this case, is red to match Deadpool himself. The general release version gets the normal blue case. This case, however, is a dreaded eco case. I hate those so much, but the red looks nice.

Inside you will find the blu-ray on one side and the dvd on the other. There is also a slip of paper inside. One side contains the Ultraviolet digital copy code and the other side contains detailed instructions on how to check yourself for testicular cancer. A nice little thing to include that is funny and informative.

Also inside this release are eight postcards featuring some of the places Deadpool claims he has been, including Jacksonville.

I was really surprised by this release. Most of the time we get a standard release that has a few deleted scenes and, maybe, a commentary. This release, however, is loaded. The deleted scenes are actually worth watching, which they usually aren’t. (and before anyone says “They’re supposed to be bad. That’s why they were deleted. I know, but sometimes the good scenes are deleted.), the making of is long and informative, and the commentary tracks are worth a listen, even if they aren’t the best. Also, the theatrical trailers on here. Most studios leave those off, even if they are the easiest to include, it has been some time since I have seen the trailers included on a recent release.
Fox really let the filmmakers have the whole disc to work with. They have given us just about everything that they could have. This is the type of set that you purchase Day One. The Target Exclusive is nice, but it not a necessity.


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