Paranormal Activity (blu-ray review)

The Movie: **

At least once or twice a year a movie comes along that surprises everyone. Ten years ago it was "The Blair Witch Project". A few years ago it was "Napoleon Dynamite. In 2009 it was "Paranormal Activity"

"Paranormal Activity" played at film festivals for two years before it was released by Paramount. They had a great marketing campaign and even better word of mouth. But the real question is: "Is it any good?" The answer is yes and no.

The movie is about a couple who believe that they are being haunted by a ghost. The husband has the bright idea of setting up their video camera in the bedroom to see. If there is any proof to their claim.
As it turns out there is something going bump in the night, but instead of doing something they keep on filming. This is where I started having problems with the movie. They do at one point go to see a demonologist, but he happens to be out of town. This is very hard to believe because the couple lives in L.A. where a demonologist should be easy to come by.

There are some good scares in the movie and the anticipation of something bad happening is almost unbearable, still the movie just didn't work for me. I think that because the characters are unlikeable I couldn't really relate to them. Either that or because I don't believe in ghosts. Either way I can't fully recommend the movie. The only thing I can say is "It was ok"

Picture ***
Since movie is supposed to resemble a home movie you can't expect a lot from the transfer. I can say that the picture looks exactly how it did in theaters.

Sound ***1/2
The 5.1 DTS-HD track is very good. This movie is all about creepy sounds and this track does the movie justice.

Special Features: no stars
I am giving the special features no stars because there are no special features.

Overall: ***
While I can't recommend the movie, I can say that the Blu-ray is pretty good. I just wish that there were more special features. I mean, this movie did a fortune at the box office, the least they could do was give us a proper release.

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