Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday 1/2*

The "Friday the 13th" series had been around for 13 years when New Line Cinema, who acquired the rights from Paramount, decided that it was time for a new "Jason" movie. But instead of giving us a true "Jason" movie, they gave us an utter mess.

The movie start out promising. A young woman is alone in a cabin, about to take a shower, when Jason shows up. She exits the cabin, fleeing for her life, with Jason in pursuit. Then out of nowhere lights shine into the forest and a voice says "freeze!". The F.B.I. has set Jason up.. But before he can do anything they blow him up. He is now out of the picture until the last reel.

So now you are asking yourself "How is this a Jason movie with no Jason?" Well, the answer is, in name alone. The way they play this off is by having Jason's "soul" transfer from body to body whenever the screenplay requires it. This leads to some of the dumbest scenes I have seen in horror movies.

Probably the dumbest scene in the movie is how Jason's soul takes over the first body. The coroner is examining Jason's remains when he suddenly has a craving to eat Jason's heart.. Now I can take almost anything that a slasher movie has to offer, but this plot line is just plain stupid.

When Jason does reenter the picture the movie is almost over. He fights the two leads and then get sent to hell. If the whole movie would have been like this then we might have had a pretty decent "Jason" movie.

After "Jason Goes to Hell" was released, it took New Line another nine years before they released another "Jason" movie. On the basis of that movie and the recent remake, it seems that New Line wouldn't know a good "Jason" movie if it bit them in the ass..

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