Evil Dead (2013) (mini review)

I have no feeling about remakes one way or the other. Some of the best movies of all time have remakes. I don't care if the movie is a remake or not, just as long as it entertains me. For good or bad, Evil Dead did just that.

The setup for the movie is simple: a group of friends go to a remote cabin. There they find a book that raises some sortbof force that can posses someone and make them kill. One by one the group becomes possessed and then are killed off in very graphic ways.

I liked Evil Dead but there was something missing. Maybe twas the fact that we don't care about anyone. The characters are so paper thin that it is very hard to get on their side. I found them so annoying and stupid that I was rooting for the force to win. There was not one thing that these characters did that could be mistaken as something a normal person would do.

Even though I found the characters to be really stupid, I found myself very entertained by this movie. There is an excess amount of gore on display here, but I never felt that it was there just to be there. The gore made sense in the realm of the movie.

Everything in Evil Dead is impressive, from the direction to the practical effects. I wish that more movies were like this instead of counting on CGI to get us through the movie.

I had a fun time watching Evil Dead and would recommend it to others.

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