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The Year 2018: The Best Blu-rays and DVDs

We at The Big Movie love blu-rays. We love any way we can see films, be it VHS, Laserdisc, or in the theater, but blu-ray has been the way to go for some time. Where else are you going to be able to see the new 4K restoration of Maniac (unless you lived in a major city, where people were able to see it on the big screen)? Where else are you going to be able to listen to the audio commentary for Abominable by the director? Blu-ray is where it is at and we take a look at the ones we loved the most.

The Year of Carpenter (Various)

Every year it seems like one director is favored over any other director. In 2017 Dario Argento was the clear winner of the director run with releases like Arrow's The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Phenomena along with Synapse's brilliant Suspiria. 2018 saw the release of 15 Carpenter films on blu-ray and 4K blu-ray. Halloween on 4K came from Starz. Christine 4K came from Sony. They Live, Escape from New York, Prince of Darkness, and The F…

Horror Express (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots


The Year 2018: The Worst Films

2018 was an ok year for film. We had our highs and lows like we do every year, but 2018 felt more like a second-tier year than anything else. Sure, there were the record breakers, but at the end of the day, there were more films that were just "meh" than any other year that I can remember. That being said, there were a bunch of stinkers in 2018 and this is my list for the worst of the worst.

Before we get to the actual list, here are a few films that missed the cut:

These films didn't make the list because they weren't as bad as the ten that did.

Now on to the list proper:

I was a Full Moon kid. Some were Toys ‘r Us kids, some were Disney kids. I was the kid that went to the video store all the time looking for the newest Full Moon film to watch over and over again. This is why I was excited about this newest Puppet Master film. I knew that it was just a one off and didn’t fall in with the other films in the series, but I was still pumped. Then I watched the film an…

Import Corner: When a Stranger Calls (1979) and When a Stranger Calls Back (1993) (Limited Edition) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots


The Year of 2018: The Surprises


Fiend (1980) (Massacre Video) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots