Film Masters Announces A Double Dose of Klaus Kinski For Release This October

Film Masters has announced they are bringing two Klaus Kinski horror films to blu-ray as a double feature on October 22nd.

Klaus Kinski stars in this double billing of two Euro-Horror films, one where he plays an escaped mental patient, the other where he portrays Poe!

For those craving a taste of "Euro-Kinski," two of Klaus Kinski's European features are now available in one creepy package. Presented for the first time in Blu-ray, CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND (1967) is a mystery-thriller about a series of grisly murders. It's one of several German films based on the novels of Edgar Wallace, many adaptations of which starred Kinski. This time he plays an escaped mental patient who might be the killer. Meanwhile, WEB OF THE SPIDER (1971) is a classic haunted house tale from Italian maestro, Antonio Margheriti, with Kinski as none other than Edgar Allan Poe! It's a diabolical double dose from one of cinema's most controversial and unique figures!

Note: WEB OF THE SPIDER has made it to blu-ray once before from the now defunct Garagehouse Pictures (RIP) with a slew of different special features. That release is sadly out of print (OOP).

Bonus Materials

  • Creature with the Blue Hand full length commentary track
  • Web of the Spider full length commentary track
  • included HD film, 'The Bloody Dead (1987),' from Independent International Pictures which added scenes for the home video release
  • Essays by Christopher Stewardson and Nick Clarke
  • All new documentary on Edgar Wallace
  • Archival commentary by Samuel M. Sherman
  • Original theatrical trailer from 35mm for Creature with the Blue Hand
  • Reimagined trailer for Web of the Spider using restored elements

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