Screenshot Gallery: Hard Rock Zombies / Slaughterhouse Rock (Vinegar Syndrome)

Vinegar Syndrome has given us a double feature of 80's horror films on blu-ray and The Big Movie House has the screenshots.

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome
Release Date: September 1985 (theatrical) (Hard Rock Zombies) / February 1988 (Slaughterhouse Rock)  / March 29th, 2022 (blu-ray)
Run Time: 1 hour 37 minutes 8 seconds (Hard Rock Zombies) / 1 hour 25 minutes 18 seconds (Slaughterhouse Rock)
Region Code: FREE
Picture: 1080p (1.85:1 aspect ratio) (both films)
Sound: English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 (both films)
Subtitles: English SDH (both films)
Slipcover: Yes (first 5,000 copies)
Digital Copy: No
Starring: E.J. Curse, Geno Andrews, Sam Mann, Mick McMains, Lisa Toothman, and Jennifer Coe (Hard Rock Zombies) / Toni Basil, Nicholas Celozzi, Tom Reilly, Donna Denton, Hope Marie Carlton, and Tammy Hyler (Slaughterhouse Rock)
Written by Krishna Shah and David Allen Ball (Hard Rock Zombies) / Sandra Willar, Nora Goodman, and Ted Landon (Slaughterhouse Rock)
Directed by Krishna Shah (Hard Rock Zombies)  / Dimitri Logothetis (Slaughterhouse Rock)
Rating: Not Rated (horror violence and gore, nudity and language) (Hard Rock Zombies) / Not Rated (horror violence and gore and language) (Slaughterhouse Rock)


Hard Rock Zombies


Slaughterhouse Rock

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