Where Have I Been For the Last Three Weeks?

To my readers:

I just wanted to write to my readers here and let you know why there hasn't been much activity on the site lately.

My wife has been dealing with breathing problems all of her life and on 12/1/2019 I had to rush her to the hospital because she couldn't breathe. After fighting with the staff at the hospital we went to, she was able to regain her breathing. We are not out of the woods yet (something I don't think we will ever be able to accomplish but we still strive for it), but she is making progress every day.

Then, on 12/4/2019, I was awoken to a call from my brother telling me that my dad had fallen at home and was being rushed to the hospital. We had him taken to a different hospital from the one that I took my wife to as we had learned our lesson from earlier in the week.

My father has dementia and this is just another blow to his condition. We are currently trying to figure out what we need to do to ensure that he is ok.

We entered my father into a rehab/nursing home a week after he was admitted into the hospital and he has made a lot of progress getting back up on his feet. The home was good for him as he was able to focus on getting better without all of the distractions of being at home.

Since my father is now back at home, and he needs someone to be with him at all times, I now have more free time on my hands as I watch him. This means that I will be able to finish the reviews that I started before all of this happened as well as post the Screenshot Saturdays that I had done before he got sick. From there, I will be working on new reviews and Screenshot Saturdays as well as end of the year lists that we do every year. So stay tuned for those coming in the upcoming weeks.

I appreciate everyone who has stopped by the site and read what I have to say about films and blu-rays both past and present.

Jimmy P

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