• Screenshot Saturday: One-Armed Swordsman (IVL)

    Studio: Intercontinental Video (IVL)

    Release Date: July 26th, 1967 (theatrical) / January 8th, 2013 (blu-ray)

    Run Time: 115 mins 

    Region Code: REGION A

    Picture 1080p (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio)

    Sound: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (Mandarin)

    Starring: Yu Wang, Chiao Chiao, and Chung-Hsin Huang

    Written by Cheh Chang and Kuang Ni

    Directed by Cheh Chang

    Rating: IIA (Hong Kong rating) (Martial arts violence and bloody images)

    Welcome to Screenshot Saturday. Today's blu-ray is the IVL release of the Jimmy Wang Yu classic One-Armed Swordsman.

    The reason for showcasing this older blu-ray is because films from Hong Kong do not get the love that they deserve. When this, and the other One-Armed Swordsman films, was released it was like a gift from heaven. This is one of the few blu-rays for a Hong Kong film to sport a real, 1080p High Definition picture. Most of the blu-rays coming out of Hong Kong were upscales. This blu-ray was important because it showed that people wanted true HD. We wouldn't get another big true HD blu-ray until the 4K remasters of the Bruce Lee films were done a few years ago. Now we are getting a whole slew of 4K remasters coming out for films like Police Story and Iron Monkey (which I think is 2K, but you get the point.

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