Top Ten Scream Factory Covers

Since its inception in 2012, Scream Factory has become a mainstay in the horror community, faithfully releasing blu-rays every month, from mainstream films like John Carpenter’s The Thing (it is a mainstream film, but also a cult classic) to smaller films like R.O.T.O.R. and The Editor. To celebrate the end of the 5th Anniversary, I thought that we at The Big Movie House would take a look at some of our favorite Scream Factory covers.

Side note: we are only sticking to releases that have already come to fruition. None of these selections are for upcoming releases. Drag Me to Hell, we are sorry that you can make this list. Maybe in the future.

9.) Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too (1985 and 1988)

1.) Nightbreed (1990)

So there are our choices for the best Scream Factory covers of all time. We will tackle the other companies (Arrow Video, Severin, etc) at a later date.

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