Don't Worry. You Are In The Right Place

For that last year or so, I have been trying to find a look for this site that appeases not only me, but my readers as well. I have gone through many different templates and they either (1) didn't meet my criteria or (2) they didn't work the way that I wanted them to. This made me mad because I found some templates that would have worked incredibly well here, but for one of the reasons stated above, they just didn't.

That is until I found the template that you are experiencing now. I know that a change of template can cost me readers, but I know that they will be back. I needed something that I was ok with looking at all the time. I needed something that looked nice and didn't make this site look like hot garbage.

I hope that you like the template and the new look to the site. I worked hard finding the right one and, know that I have, I am happier than I was.

Thank you for listening,

Jimmy P

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