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The Secret of the Sword

"I've got that flying horsey in my sight" He-Man & the Masters of the Universe was a massive hit toy line and a massive hit animated TV series. He-Man ruled the airwaves in the 80s and it would only make sense to not only make a feature length theatrical film but also a new spin-off series with a new character! The film follows Price Adam/He-Man as he embarks on the search for his twin sister. Turns out that a new villain by the name of Hordak had kidnapped He-Man's twin sister shortly after birth and taken here to another dimension on a planet called Etherea. No one knows what happened to the little girl, Adora. But, with this information and with a magical sword, He-Man is on his way to find Princess Adora.  What much can be said of "The Secret of the Sword", it's not necessarily a film for cinemas as there is nothing special enough about the movie for it to warrant a theatrical release, other than the length of the film. The animation remains the

Brian Cox Is A Better Hannibal Than Anthony Hopkins. A Manhunter Review


Death... It Comes In Many Strange Packages: Tales from the Hood: Collector's Edition (Scream Factory) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

Tales from the Hood is one of the best horror films of the 90's. It takes all that is good about horror and mixes it with the black experience living in the 90's to perfectly scare the audience as well as inform. THE FEATURES ⭐⭐⭐1/2 Audio Commentary with Rusty Cundieff Cundieff gave a great commentary on Fear of a Black Hat and I expected the same here. Cundieff is a well of information about the making of the film and tells all kinds of behind the scenes stories. There is no dull moments here. The Making of Tales From the Hood (56m 12s, HD) This is a wonderful look back at a film that didn’t find its audience right away. We learn about how the film came about then we are taken through each of the stories in the film. There are many from the film that have participated in this making of, including co-writer/actor/director Rusty Cundieff, co-writer/producer Darin Scott, actors Corbin Berson, Wings Hauser, and Anthony Griffith, and some of th