City Hunter Trailer

When Rumble in the Bronx was released here in 1996, I became a fan overnight. I had to see more from Chan and went on a hunt, looking for any and every Jackie Chan film. One day, in my local Suncoast Video, I spied with my little eye a film called City Hunter. I had heard a little bit about it.

The film was based on a manga and was a slapstick comedy. There were action scenes in it, but nothing in the way of the huge stunts that Chan was known for. The most infamous scene in the film is the Street Fighter 2 sequence where Chan and Gary Daniels fight dressed as some of the characters from the video game. The scene is pretty awesome if not dumb. There is no reason for it to happen, but that is the whole point.

I love City Hunter even if the humor is a little off. The fight scenes are really good and there are some impressive visuals. Watch the trailer and then seek the film out.

City Hunter Theatrical Trailer by thebigmoviehouse

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