Chris Tucker: Live

Ever since the first Rush Hour came out in 1998, I have been saying that it was the last time that Chris Tucker was ever funny. After watching this stand up special, I have to say that I was right on the money.

Tucker has been talking about doing a comedy special for over a decade now. After every Rush Hour movie would release he would say that he was going to do a tour and a stand up film that would be released to theaters.

Here it is, 2015, and Tucker has finally lived up to his word, partially. He did do that stand up film that he'd been talking about, but it went straight to Netflix.

Is it funny? No. I didn't laugh once. Tucker seemed a little nervous at first, but once he got rolling, I continued to not laugh. My wife was laughing her ass off, but I didn't laugh once. Not even a chuckle.

I'm not mad at Tucker for trying. I just think that he needs better material and a better flow. He goes from one set to the next with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes, he even goes back to a subject when he sees that the one he is currently one isn't working.

I was never a Tucker hater. I actually thought he was funny, even in The Fifth Element, which gets ragged on all the time on the interwebs. I just think that stand up is not his thing anymore. People keep wanting Eddie Murphy to do a stand up special, but I think it is a horrible idea. Murphy, like Tucker, was funny back in the day, but Murphy would most likely fail, just like Tucker does here.

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