The Lovely Bones (blu-ray)

I have already reviewed The Lovely Bones on this site. So I am just going to be reviewing the blu-ray release. I will say this about the movie: My opinion has not changed from when I first saw the movie until now. I find the movie very powerful and believe that it was unfairly overlooked by the public. Now they will get a chance to see the movie.

The Package: The blu-ray comes in a standard 2-disc blu-ray case. There is no disc art other than the name of the movie against a gray background.

The Picture: The Lovely Bones comes to us in the form of a 1080p transfer with the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1 being kept intact. The picture looks amazing. The colors in the "in-between" are vibrant and practically leap off the screen. The image is incredibly detailed, with flesh tones being accurate and even the smallest detail getting a focus. This transfer is definately reference quality.

The Sound: DTS-MA HD 5.1 loseless is the audio we are given and it is just as good as the picture. The movie was never heavy on the surrounds in the theater and the audio here perfectly duplicates that. The audio is quiet for most of the movie, but becomes more agressive when it needs to be. This is a perfect compliment to the picture.

The Goodies: Usually Peter Jackson gives us a well-rounded package, but this time around there is no commentary. It is a shame, but we do get a massive 3-hour documentary that takes up the whole second disc and is presented in HD. The documentary, as is the case with the docs that Jackson has created for his other movies, is a great companion to the movie. The doc covers the entire shooting process, from their filming in the US to the visual effects that dominate the "in-between". This is a great documentary and, even if you did not like the movie, you will, nonetheless, find this documentary fascinating.

Overall: I wish that there had been a commentary track, but the package overall is great. The picture is outstanding as is the sound. And while the special features are a bit lacking, what we do get is nothing short of great. This is a definite buy.

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