Mel Gibson and the N-word (archival editorial)

Note: This appeared on another blog that I wrote for. Again, everything is kept in it's original form. No editing has been done

As you may have heard, Mel Gibson supposedly threatened his ex-girlfriend by telling her that he hoped that she was raped by a bunch of "n-words". I use the term "n-word" because I am white and us whites are not allowed to say it. Not that I would want to anyway. I am just making it clear to some of the people who might not get what an "n-word" is. Anyway, so Gibson supposedly said this and other disparaging remarks to his ex-girlfriend. The reasons I bring this up are many, but I will only highlight a few.

First off, why are people so shocked by this? It's not like we haven't heard the word before. The word has been around for a long time and the last time I checked the NAACP, which is racist in it's own name, buried the word a few years ago. The problem with this is just because they buried it doesn't mean that white people took notice. Just because we have a black president doesn't mean that white people have all of a sudden decided to give a fuck about what happens to people of color. The word still exists. Do you honestly believe that when the NAACP buried the word that racists took notice? I don't think that the klan has decided to call black people something else because the NAACP buried their beloved "n-word".

Anyway, the word still exists and people are still shocked when it is used. I'm not, unless someone calls ME that. I might be a little shocked and would probably ask them if they need to have their sight checked. The "n-word" has been a beloved word amongst many blacks and non-thinking white people. It is used as a term of endearment amongst blacks and as a word of hatred amongst whites. There is not a person on this earth who hasn't said it at least once, whether it be to find out what the word meant or because they want to hurt someone. All white people have said it. Even I have said it, but of course it was posed as a question to my mother.

So why are people surprised that Mel Gibson said the word? He was being hateful and trying to hurt his ex by saying the most hateful thing he could think of. And with him being a white he went with the most obvious choice. In the heat of the moment no one checks themselves when it comes to the language department. We already know that Gibson hates Jews so why not join the George Bush club ( you know, because Bush hates black people too). Think of it: Bush and Gibson at one of Bush's ranches, talking about how they hate anyone who does look white.

The thing that bothers me the most about this whole thing is not Gibson saying the word, but the fact that broadcasters think that just because they are quoting Gibson they can say it. You remember when Don Imus called that women's basketball team "a bunch of nappy head hos"? All of the newscaster that covered it would constantly repeat what it was that he said. You know because they were quoting him and in the world of news you have to get it right. Or when that douchbag Isiah Washington called his co-star a "faggot". The newscasters couldn't get enough of it. Now with Gibson saying the "n-word" we are getting a whole new round of "let's see how many white people can get away with saying the word because they are quoting him". I have seen and heard at least ten news people, on radio and tv, say the word. Most of the time it's bleeped out but you can see their lips.

The fact is that all white people have it in them to say the word. Most of us choose not to say it, but we all have the word in us. It has been ingrained in us from our racist forefathers. Gibson decided to us the racist card and while I don't agree with his use of the word, I don't agree with the word at all, I know that by him being white he had it in him. This doesn't cound for black people though when it comes to saying "cracker" or "honky". I mean can you see Denzel or Will Smith getting mad at their wives and saying "I hope that you get raped by a bunch of honkies". Their wives would just laugh at them.

I think that us white people should bring the "cracker" back into the vernacular. Since the NAACP buried the "n-word" then I think that "cracker" should rise from that fallen word. Just think about it. All the little white kids running around calling each other "cracker". Parents telling their kids "get your cracker-ass in here before I knock the white off of you." And let's not overlook my new production company "Cracka Rich". Just think of the possibilities. If you think that what I just said is racist then I feel sorry for you.

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