Retromedia and Bring a Softcore Double Feature to Blu-ray

 Retromedia and Makeflix announce and release Fred Olen Ray's Bikini Airways. Included in the special features is a second feature, Nicole Sheridan's "Hot Housewives: Truth or Dare". I could not find ANY information about the second feature. Nothing on imdb or tmdb. I also used three different search engines and the only entry about that film is the page for this very release. 


Sit back and enjoy the ultimate Late Night TV Classic, BIKINI AIRWAYS (2003), the movie that put the Skin in "Skinemax" and ushered in the new Era of Cable programming. Starring Regina Russell, Jay Richardson, Brad Bartram and a host of beautiful girls, BIKINI AIRWAYS immediately became the movie to beat.

When Terri inherits a washed-up, on-the-skids airline, there's only one way to save the day. She challenges three of her sexy girlfriends to come up with an entirely new approach to the concept of "taking off" and "touching down". Try the "User Friendly Skies" of BIKINI AIRWAYS and join the Mile High Club. Turbulence is guaranteed!

BIKINI AIRWAYS is available right now at as an exclusive.


  • Original Trailers
  • Making BIKINI AIRWAYS Video Featurette
  • Bonus 2nd Feature: Nicole Sheridan's "Hot Housewives: Truth or Dare"


Color • 85 Mins. • Not Rated • Region-Free • 1080p HD 16:9 Aspect Ratio

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