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Import Corner: Children of the Corn Trilogy (Arrow Video) Blu-ray Review

Studio: Arrow Video Release Date:  March 9th, 1984 (theatrical) (Children of the Corn)                                    January 29th, 1993 (theatrical) (Children of the Corn II)                                   September 12th, 1995 (video premiere) (Children of the Corn III)                                    September 28th, 2021 (4K blu-ray)  Run Time:  1 hour 32 minutes 11 seconds (Children of the Corn)                         1 hour 32 minutes 59 seconds (Children of the Corn II) (International Cut)                         1 hour 33 minutes 33 seconds (Children of the Corn II) (US Theatrical Cut)                         1 hour 35 minutes 29 seconds (Children of the Corn II) (Workprint Version)                         1 hour 30 minutes 57 seconds (Children of the Corn III) (US Cut)                         1 hour 32 minutes 54 seconds (Children of the Corn III) (International Cut) Region Code: REGION FREE (4K Blu-ray) (Children of the Corn)                                  REGION

Frankenstein Conquers the World Trailer

Frankenstein Conquers the World came about after Willis O'Brien tried to get a film off the ground using his King Kong monster against Frankenstein's Monster. A script was written but never used.

I would have loved to have seen that film. I am a huge King Kong fan and would have loved to have seen O'Brien given one more chance to bring life to the character that he birthed.

The film that came out of all the backdoor dealings was Frankenstein Conquers the World aka Frankenstein vs Baragon. This is a fantastic film that many have heard about, but not many have seen because the disc has been out of print for a long time now. The film is just a lot of fun and has some great effects work by Eiji Tsuburaya, who birthed Godzilla, and would top himself in the effects department with this films sequel War of the Gargantuas.

Check out the trailer and then find a copy of the film.

Frankstein Conquers the World (no subs) by thebigmoviehouse


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