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Hacksaw Ridge (Steelbook) (Summit) Blu-ray Review + Screenshots

Hacksaw Ridge is the way that a religion based film should be done. The film doesn't dumb down the characters or show that Christianity is the way to go. It tells the story of a man who sticks to his own convictions and follows his own path to get what he needs to get done.

Released by: Lionsgate

Release Date: November 6th, 2016 (Theatrical)
                        February 21st, 2017 (Blu-ray)

Region Code: REGION A (locked) (Blu-ray)/ REGION ONE (DVD)

Run Time: 2h 19m

Audio: English: Dolby Atmos
             English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1
             Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
             English: Dolby Digital 2.0

Video: 1080p (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio) (Blu-ray)
            480p (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio) (DVD)

Desmond Doss: With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.


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