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Shorts! Blu-ray Reviews Done Quickly (Last Action Hero 4K Blu-ray, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Blu-ray, Almost Famous 4K Blu-ray)

We take a look at three recent home video releases: One is a notorious flop from a tried and true action star, one is thought to be a flop by a tried and true action star, but wasn't, and the last is a from the heart coming of age story about a kid who just wants to write about music. 

Chopping Mall Headed to Blu-ray (and an update on the Vestron thing)

Lionsgate has announced another entry in their Vestron Videos Classics Collection: Chopping Mall,
I have also learned that each release will be number, much like Criterion or the new Shout! Selects. The cover art is trying to replicate the original VHS cover art from back in the 80s.

Special Features for Chopping Mall will be:

Audio Commentaries:

1.)Director/Co-Writer Jim Wynorski, Actress Kelli Maroney, and Co-Writer/2nd Unit Director Steve Mitchell

2.)Historians/Authors Nathaniel Thompson (Mondo Video) and Ryan Turek (Shock Till You Drop)
Director/Co-Writer Jim Wynorski and Co-Writer/2nd Unit Director Steve Mitchell


“Back to the Mall”

“Chopping Chopping Mall”

“The Killbots”

“Scoring Chopping Mall”

“The Robot Speaks”

“The Lost Scene”

“Army of One”

“Chopping Mall: Creating the Killbots”

Isolated Score Track by Chuck Cirino


As with Blood Diner, the retail for Chopping Mall will be $39.99.

Release date will also be September 27th.


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